Pawfect Bags

Practical Dog Management Bags

Made In Britain


The Pawfect Bag can carry everything you need for your walks with your four legged friends.

Fill It

Wear It

Separate It


Dog Bag for Parents

For Parents

The pawfect bag to keep your doggy things in, and, separate from your children's things.

Dog Bag for Joggers

For Joggers

The pawfect bag to carry everything you need while keeping fit with your four legged friends.

Nick @ Pawfect Bags

For Everyone

John and I both agree; what a pawfect bag for all your countryside walks!


Hi Im Nick a veteran of 22 years. I love walking my dog around the U.K. from the Brecons to the wonderful coastal paths, parks, moors and many more lovely places. I noticed a problem and its got even bigger since lockdown? So many full poo bags just left hanging or thrown into bushes which will never decay. This has gone up by 200% which is awful.

My solution is Pawfect Bags. This bag is waterproof, robust and has 2 pockets.

two pockets dog walking bags
hm armed forces veteran

1st Pocket

The 1st pocket is for clean poo bags, lead, treats and what ever you wish to carry when walking your 4 legged friend.

2nd Pocket

The 2nd pocket is for full poo bags. Simply drop the full poo bags into your Pawfect Bag until you return home and bin it.

No more carrying full poo bags between your fingers.
The 2 pockets can be removed washed, dried and replaced. Keeping the bag clean and tidy just like your walking areas should be. Pawfect bags keeps your hands free to enjoy your walks, use the phone, take a photo of the dog or just put your hands in your pockets and relax.

Made in Britain. Be part of the solution and let’s keep Britain clean and tidy.


For every bag sold I will donate a pound to either; Walking With The Wounded, Combat Stress or Support Dogs.
Simply select your chosen charity when making your purchase.


Any enquiries? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re happy to help.